The Most Prestigious Award

Why are we hosting this 2024 Global Influencers and KOLs Award?

“Talents are our Core focus”

This Award is to recognize Global Influencers/ KOLs positive contributions to social impact. Though each Awardee has a different background and specialty, all of them have made a difference in creating positive impact to their societies & citizens. We honour these talents who speak out and offer real solutions to their relevant issues and can bring a better world together.

What kind of “Rising Star” we are looking for?


Everyone is a Rising Star given the right opportunities! We encourage those Talents with a global view to showcase their work to be the Star of the World. As it is our mandate is to foster these talents to capture the World, hence the appropriate 1st step for these talents is to participate in our Award event.

What’s next after the Award?


Accepting Award is the 1st step. The next step will be for us to work together for enhancing both the Talents’ global communities of fans & followers and linkages with different commercial partners for the professional work of joint promotional efforts. This is our strength and our contribution to the continuing success of all parties.

What else the outcomes besides more fame & fortune for Talents?


Communities building is the core critical success factors of every business and operations. By connecting these global talent leaders, this will be most powerful talents pool to ensure this communities building process on a global basis will be achieved. This will also complement these different talents in their coverages of markets, products, content, etc. to become wholesome.  



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