In the spectacular world of cosplayers, there will be no judgement, no limitations and no bias in the community. People from all ages are to immerse themselves in a fantasy world of anime, video games, television, film and manga. Yesports embraces this new form of art that allows anyone to become whoever they desire to be, and we aspire to create a safe zone for anyone in the community to follow their dreams.

Fate / Grand Order

In 2017, the future field observed by “Near Future Observation Lens Sheba” disappeared without any warning. According to speculations – it is hinting that humans will face extinction in 2018. “Why? How come? Who is it? What have you done?” Faced with many questions, the researchers of the “Humanity Continuity Guarantee Agency – Chaldea” slowly grow doubtful. Meanwhile, Sheba observed a new mutation. Going back to 2004 AD, in a city somewhere in Japan. An “unobservable field” appears out of the blue. Chaldea assumed this as the cause of human extinction, and decided to carry out the sixth experiment of travelling back in time. Through sending a magician to intervene events, they seek to find out the truth and the singularity of time and space in order to break the forbidden ritual. Its name is Holy Grail Exploration – Grand Order This is a holy instrument to protect human beings from extinction through battling against history and destiny.